By attending the ``Rock the Camp'' festival, the participants accept the internal regulations and agree with the organizers' efforts to ensure compliance with it. It is mandatory to comply with the conditions imposed by the "Rock the Camp" festival and Colina Camping, related to cleanliness, sanitation, noise level, and the protection of the natural environment. The organizers are not responsible for the belongings of the participants or for any other potential damages.


Tickets can be purchased online on the website and, as well as physically at the entrance gate to the festival location. To avoid any inconvenience, we recommend that you purchase the tickets in advance. Tickets contain security features and will be controlled upon entering the festival perimeter. Counterfeiting tickets and wristbands is an offense. Against the persons who will commit the crime of forgery, use of forgery, deception, or other acts for this purpose, the organizers will file a criminal complaint. Spectators will receive wristbands at the access point. They must not be removed or disposed of. Loss or destruction is not reimbursed and the possessor will be evicted from the festival area. Children up to the age of 12 have free access. Children under the age of 8 have access to the festival area only when accompanied by a parent. Children who have not reached the age of 14 have access to the perimeter of the festival only accompanied by an adult. People with disabilities benefit from free access.


Access to the festival area is allowed only based on a valid ticket, for one person only. By participating in this event, the ticket holder accepts the regulations of the festival and agrees with the efforts of the organizers to control their compliance.


It is forbidden to light a fire in the Colina Camping space. Waste will be collected and stored in spaces designed for this purpose. Access to the "Rock the Camp" festival with blunt objects is prohibited: cold weapons/objects that can be used as white arms or any objects that can cause bodily harm; these items will be confiscated and the organizers are not responsible for their return. Access to the event area with drinks of any kind and food products purchased outside the "Rock the Camp" festival area is prohibited.


The access of vehicles to the parking space will be done exclusively under the guidance of the "Rock the Camp" managers; the organizers cannot be blamed for the damages that may occur to the cars while they are parked. Setting up the tents in the camping space will be done exclusively under the guidance of those responsible for Colina Camping and the "Rock the Camp" festival, with camping outside this space being prohibited. The campsite will be permanently guarded, it is equipped with toilets, running water and showers. Participants will be able to purchase food and soft or alcoholic drinks from designated areas.


There will be food and drink stands (water, soft drinks, coffee, beer, alcoholic beverages) at the perimeter of the festival.


A merchandising stand will operate within the festival premises. From here it will be possible to purchase, for a fee, materials of the bands present at the festival.


Audio and video recordings will be made during the event. These recordings can be used for the purposes set by the organizers, without the consent of the people who appear in those recordings. The organizers will ensure that the recordings, audio or video, will not harm the dignity and reputation of the people participating in the event.


We recommend that you avoid conflicts and respect the people around you, as well as the goods in the common spaces of the event.


Exceptions to the above rules are not tolerated, the violation of this regulation may lead to the evacuation from the festival area and the prohibition of access to the festival area, without refund of the ticket and with the notification of the competent institutions of the state, if necessary.


For children, it is recommended to use headphones for noise protection during the concerts. If the children are not properly equipped, the responsibility for their exposure to the sound level in the festival area rests entirely with their parents or companions. The organizer warns participants that the performances include lighting effects that could harm children or epileptics. The organizer reserves the right to change the program, if necessary, and with a valid reason for the decision. The organizer reserves the right to carry out security checks in the festival area in order to ensure compliance with these regulations.

Thank you for your understanding and have fun!